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Social Emotional Learning Curriculum BUNDLE

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Social Emotional Learning Curriculum - Social Awareness

SEL curriculum for the Social Awareness competency which includes perspective-taking, empathy, appreciating diversity, and respect for others.


Social Emotional Learning Curriculum - Responsible Decision Making

SEL curriculum for the Responsible Decision-making competency which includes identifying problems, analyzing situations, solving problems, evaluating, reflecting, and ethical responsibility.


Social Emotional Learning Curriculum - Self-Mangement

SEL curriculum for the Self-management competency which includes impulse control, stress management, self-discipline, self-motivation, goal setting, and organizational skills.


Social Emotional Learning Curriculum - Relationship Skills

SEL curriculum for the Relationship Skills competency including communication, social engagement, relationship building, and teamwork.


Social Emotional Learning Curriculum - Self-Awareness

SEL curriculum for the Self-awareness competency which includes identifying emotions, self-perception, recognizing strengths, self-confidence, and self-efficacy.




SEL curriculum bundle including all 5 competencies: Self-Awareness, Relationship Skills, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making, and Social Awareness. Includes a digital version for use with Google Slides.


Each Curriculum Includes:

  • Activity description including instructions/walk-through of activity, objectives, materials, guiding questions, SEL competencies, and ASCA standards.
  • Description of what each topic means and what it does not mean (Impulse control is...and is not)
  • Black and White version included.
  • Google Slides version included.


Intro to the Superhero that covers the competency.

  • Gabby the Social Awareness Superhero.
  • Darren the Self-Management Superhero.
  • Caleb the Responsible Decision-Making Superhero.
  • Rachel the Self-Awareness Superhero.
  • Lucas the Relationship Skills Superhero.


2 activities per topic, 50 activities in total.


  • Impulse Control: Impulse Shield, Stop Light Thinking.
  • Stress Management: Signs of Stress, Super Coping Skills.
  • Self-Discipline: Stress Levels, Stay on Course.
  • Self-Motivation: Growth Mindset, Find the Motivation.
  • Goal Setting: Goal Setting Superheroes, SMART goals.
  • Organizational Skills: Superhero Tools, Web of Organization.


Social Awareness:

  • Perspective-taking: Resolving conflicts between Superheroes, Perspective Glasses.
  • Empathy: It's hard to be a Superhero, Empathy Mask.
  • Appreciating Diversity: Diverse Superhero social profiles, What I bring to the team.
  • Respect for others: Create your own superhero, Recognizing Respect.


Relationship Skills:

  • Communication: Active Listening, Communication wonders and blunders.
  • Social Engagement: S.L.A.N.T., Conversations with Superheroes.
  • Relationship Building: Friendship rescue, Demeanor meter.
  • Teamwork: Build your superhero team, Find a compromise.



  • Identifying emotions: Super Emotions, Control your Emotions.
  • Accurate Self-perception: Who I am behind the mask, Hidden Superpowers.
  • Recognizing Strengths: Superpower Strengths, Super Improvements.
  • Self-confidence: I'm a Superhero, Building Confidence.
  • Self-efficacy: Cape of Capability, Overcoming Adversity.


Responsible Decision-Making:

  • Identifying Problems: Problem Search, Problem or Not a problem?
  • Analyzing Situations: Types of Problem Solving, Problem Solving Road Blocks.
  • Solving Problems: SODAS (Conflict Resolution Method), Traveling from Problem to Solution (using I messages).
  • Evaluating: Evaluate the outcome, Grade the Superhero.
  • Reflecting: Mirror Reflecting, Super Mindfulness.
  • Ethical Responsibility: Superheros with Character, What Responsibility means to me.


▶️Where can I find the google classroom link?

Google slides link and instructions are on the 3rd to last page of each PDF.


▶️What formats are included?

  • Pdf version to print out.
  • Google Slides version.


▶️What mode should I use this in google slides?

These products are meant to be used in edit mode (not presentation mode). Edit mode is the only mode that allows drag & drop and writing in text boxes.



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