Elementary School Counselor K-8

Former Pre-K Teacher

Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Miami

Masters in School Counseling from Florida Intern. University

7 years' experience Curriculum Writer

Hi there, My name is Ashley from Heart and Mind Teaching, and I am so Happy you are here.

I am an Elementary School Counselor turned Curriculum Writer in North Carolina (South Florida transplant). Along with raising my two toddler boys, I am also a Blogger and Book Reviewer. At my previous schools, I had a caseload of 1000+ students. In order to reach as many students as I could, I created meaningful lessons that could be done in a short period of time and have a positive impact on students. I love working with kids and finding new ways to engage and interact with them. I am very passionate about the importance of School Counselors, Mental Health, and SEL in schools. 

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