Since I still have a few more days left of summer I decided to try to make a Sensory calm down bottle I have seen all over Pinterest (this is my first attempt, I am going to try a different one tomorrow). My office is known for being a little distracting, so this will add to that lol
This idea was found on: Fun at Home with Kids Blog

Here are the steps:

1. Buy the ingredients: 1 bottle of Clear dishwashing soap, 3 bottles of Clear SoftSoap (Dollar Tree sells this), Glue (the stronger the better), Pony Beads (make sure they are not painted because the paint will come off), VOSS water bottle.
 2.  Put Pony beads in the empty VOSS water bottle.

3. Put all 3 bottles of Clear Soft Soap in, and the rest fill up with the dishwashing soap. The more dishwashing soap you put, the faster the beads fall. 

4. Glue the top of the bottle shut so no little friends open it accidentally (or on purpose). 

VIOLA! You have your own Sensory Calm down bottle. You can also change what is inside (instead of beads, use glitter or small toys, buttons, etc.). 

This has become one of the most favorite items that students gravitate towards. I have had students of all ages, and adults, comment on how much they like it. I find it particularly useful for students who are angry or anxious. They like to shake it and watch the beads fall.


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