During No Name Calling Week this past school year, I was sick of telling kids what NOT to say. We covered that during Anti-bullying week, and I wanted something that would teach them what they should say. So I came up with #Positive words, a simple activity to boost self esteem within the student and for them to learn positive words to describe others. Our words can be used to lift others up, which also lifts us up as well. 

The activity is found on my TPT store here: #Positive Words Activity

It comes with 27 cards with different positive words and 3 blank ones in case you want to make your own. Assign each of your students one of the words, then have them stand and share the word you assigned them with the description. You can elaborate by telling them why you chose that word and/or an example. You could also have students assign each other positive words. A self reflection writing assignment or journal could be used afterwards to reflect on how the activity made them feel.



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