My second attempt at making Calm Down Bottles, this time the GLITTER edition. I definitely like this one the best but it took more ingredients and more time. 
I got this idea from: MsKCpotter's blog

1. Buy all the ingredients: 
Voss 800 Ml /27oz Glass Water Bottle
Elmer's Liquid Clear School Glue
Glitter Assorted Colors (I used 3 different sized glitter)
Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue
1 cup of Corn Syrup
2 cups of hot tap water. 

2. Dump all the glitter into the empty VOSS water bottle.

3. In a mixing bowl, mix the glitter glue, hot water, and corn syrup. 

4. Carefully dump the mixing bowl into the VOSS water bottle to the top. 

5. Glue the lid shut. (Important!)

VIOLA you have a glitter sensory calm down bottle. If your wondering why I said to glue the lid shut, it's because kids will eventually try to open it and that will cause a total mess. This is a relatively cheap and easy thing to make that will really add to your classroom or office calm down corner. You can make all different colors and styles, of the 2 that I made this glitter one is the most popular. I find that adults gravitate to it just as much as the kids. 🙂

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