Thinking of starting to use Mindfulness in your classroom or school? Great idea because mindfulness in your classroom can assist in focusing your students’ attention (and who doesn't need that?). This is because mindfulness teaches you to be more aware and focus on the present. Start here with some free mindfulness resources
This is one of my favorite sites on the internet, it is amazing and is also available as an app for your phone. I use it in my office, often have it playing the calming sounds in the background when working with kids. The visuals are so calming, there are beaches, mountains, rain, and sounds that are very relaxing. They also have video lessons on mindful movement and gentle stretching and meditation techniques.
Little Flower Yoga

Sign up for Mindful Mondays, a free weekly resource email that gives mindfulness tips for teachers, video/audio instructions for the practice of the week for you and for your students, and content that can be included in school newsletters, on social media, or shared in staff meetings or assemblies. It also gives you 12 video/audio practices that can be adapted for student or teacher use.

Yoga Foster
Mindful music playlists and webinars. Sign up for their newsletter to receive even more freebies and ideas.
Free audio resources for practicing Mindfulness Meditation. There are 5 minutes, 11 minutes, and 20 minutes versions depending on how much time you have.
Yoga 4 Classrooms
6 sample activity cards from Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck when you subscribe to their newsletter. They provide teacher tips and the 6 sample cards are very easy to implement and kids love doing the moves like the balloon breathing exercise.
UCSD Center for Mindfulness
Free guided meditations audio and guided yoga audio and videos.
Yoga in My School
This site has a plethora of great yoga poses, yoga games, lesson plans, teaching tips, and relaxation and breathing strategies.
Tara Brach Guided Meditations
Free podcasts on guided meditations.
Kidding Around Yoga
When you sign up for their newsletter you get freebies, they also offer live and online trainings.
Monday Mandala
Free coloring pages of mandalas.
UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Breathing and body scan meditation audio and transcripts in English and Spanish!
Well, that's actually 11 free resources but hey you deserve the extra credit! 🙂

More Mindfulness Resources

You may be interested in this blog post about Books that Teach Mindfulness. Also, check out the Mindfulness resources I have available in my store:

I hope you enjoyed these free mindfulness resources and they help bring mindful thinking to your classroom!

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